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It’s official: ‘TAT Talks’ is here


It’s official: ‘TAT Talks’ is here

How much do you know about Machine Plating and Grinding (or, as we call it, MPG)? Should you know anything at all about it? Why?

We have been monitoring the industry for years now and saw a consistent need for both our potential and existing customers to know more about what happens in an MPG facility.

Therefore, we are officially launching this video series, ‘TAT Talks’, which will be comprised of five expert talks videos on the most up to date Machine Plating and Grinding topics for the aviation industry.

Why should you follow ‘TAT Talks’?

We are convinced that an educated customer is a valuable customer. That is why we want you to know as much as possible about services, processes and capabilities, because only then can you make an informed decision about your aviation maintenance and repairs provider.

If you work in the aviation industry and, specifically, if you deal with aviation maintenance, then this series is for you.

We hand-picked the top MPG maintenance experts in our team to discuss topics that are of direct interest to you, whether you are working in procurement and sourcing, a project and program manager, or an MRO maintenance manager.

These videos will help you make an informed decision on your aviation maintenance partner.

After watching the series, you will have the correct, most up to date information about the available technology, processes, capabilities, and services that should be provided by any professional aviation maintenance partner.

What you are looking to get from your vendor is peace of mind that your parts are in safe hands. For this, you need to know what is going on in a repairs and maintenance facility and what services you can benefit from.

You will understand why these technologies and processes are so important in helping you meet your desired delivery schedule time after time with the highest quality.

Above all, you will know what goes on in a repairs and maintenance facility and what questions you should ask & expectations you should have from your vendor.

What is ‘TAT Talks’ about?

This will be a collection of five informational videos that we will publish every two weeks. Any aviation expert should watch them at least once.

They address important aviation matters and current industry trends. They talk about industry challenges and solutions, as well as the latest technology available that allows a repairs and maintenance vendor to perform processes and services at high quality standards that were not available before.

The industry is so diverse, you cannot find a know-it-all person to tell you all about aviation maintenance. As such, each of our industry experts will address a different topic.

TAT Talks: First video coming out this Monday

We are starting the series on Monday, October 5th 2020 with advice from our expert account manager, Donnie Loflin.

Donnie will tell you all there is to know about capabilities in a repairs and maintenance shop. He will show you just how much time you can save by having most maintenance and repairs processes done in-house.

You will learn about simple ways to decrease lead times on maintenance and repairs.

Donnie will also tell you about a specific certification that only a handful of shops across the country have. It is the sort of certification that gives you peace of mind that your parts are in good care, as it is one of the highest certifications available for proof of quality and excellence.

What should you do next?

Subscribe to the TAT Piedmont LinkedIn page and YouTube account to be the first to know when a new video is released.

For more information on these processes, as well as additional assistance on aviation maintenance and repairs services, feel free to message Donnie Loflin, our Senior Director of Account Management, for a quick response.