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TAT Talks, Episode 2: Machine Plating and Grinding Services That Ensure A Consistent Turnaround Time, Every Time


TAT Talks, Episode 2: Machine Plating and Grinding Services That Ensure A Consistent Turnaround Time, Every Time

Machine plating and grinding services are a core part of your relationship with your aviation maintenance provider. A broad range of services, offered at the highest standards, ensures that you always know what the status of your maintenance/repair process is.

You should receive regular updates on the progress of the repair process. Even more importantly, you need to get peace of mind that you are always getting top-notch assistance.

How do we ensure all of this at TAT Piedmont? The TAT Piedmont Senior Director of Account Management, Donnie Loflin, discusses the top machine plating and grinding services you should receive from your vendor – and why they matter. Watch the video below to get all the details:


Consistent turnaround times

Once a delivery date is set for your maintenance or repairs project, that is a turnaround time that will not be exceeded – this is our promise to you.

What does this mean for you? You can plan your production and/or maintenance schedule based on the quoted lead times.

And, thanks to the large variety of in-house capabilities and services at TAT Piedmont, you will receive your parts faster than ever, with the same high quality you are used to.

We have customers who need parts back in 24 hours. We have a program set up with customers right now where they have their parts returned in 24 hrs provided that they offer adequate information about the part. If we know about this a day or two in advance, we can accommodate their request.

For example, TAT Piedmont works with a local aviation company that consistently requires plating repairs. This company is generally on a tight schedule and requests parts to be completed anywhere between 24-48hours – a timeframe that TAT Piedmont has consistently met.

What is more, we have been able to accommodate requests as quickly as less than 24hours.

Dedicated Customer Service Representative (CSR)

In the aviation industry what you are looking for is to build long-lasting relationships with your vendors based on trust, transparency and unique service customizations that fit your needs.

As a customer of TAT Piedmont, you are automatically assigned to a dedicated CSR who will always be in touch with you. They will always be up to date with the status of your project and are able to offer you custom assistance with any questions or inquiries you might have.

Thus, you get complete transparency on your project, you receive regular updates on its progress and have peace of mind that you are getting the 1:1 assistance you need.

This enables us at TAT Piedmont to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, some of whom have been around for tens of years.

Expedited Services

Do you need to increase or decrease turnaround times on parts repairs or maintenance to meet your schedule or are you in need of AOG support?

Expedited Services

TAT Piedmont offers parts to be expedited to meet your schedule. Each part is treated with the utmost priority and goes through the shop uninterrupted until it is completed. The part is placed in the front of the queue for the repairs or processes it needs; our dedicated CSR team will provide you with updates throughout the entire process.

AOG support

At TAT Piedmont we understand the importance of accommodating for any AOG (Aircraft On Ground) situations that might incur. Just as with our Expedited Services, your parts will be treated with high priority to expedite lead time to be able to return your aircraft back to service in a timely manner and meet your needs.

For more information about these services, we encourage you to get in touch directly with one of our customer service representatives.

SalesForce Case Tracking

SalesForce is a customer relationship management software used by our CSRs to track open tickets. SalesForce enables us to make our customer service more streamlined and effective.

Even though you are not directly involved with the process, it is a procedure that helps our team at TAT Piedmont to continuously improve our internal processes. We use the data collected through SalesForce to implement additional training for our team, enabling us to give you a faster solution to your inquiries.

For example, if you need a status update, a case will be created in our system. Once we have the information you require, we will get back to you with an answer.

Did you know…? All requests and/or complaints are reviewed daily and you will receive a response in 24 hours or less.

What should you do next?

Now that you know all about these custom services and why it is so important to have them all in one place, you also understand that it can bring you tremendous time savings. What is more, you get peace of mind that you are benefitting from the services you need, with consistent turnaround time and the highest quality possible always.