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TAT Talks Summary: Four Aviation Maintenance Experts Talk About Machining Plating and Grinding


TAT Talks Summary: Four Aviation Maintenance Experts Talk About Machining Plating and Grinding

The first series of TAT Talks is all online covering an important topic, Machining Plating and Grinding. For your convenience, we collected all the videos of this series here in one TAT Talks summary so you can easily go over all topics in one place.

Our experts covered topics such as: must-have capabilities and services, up to date technology, engineering support and quality certifications. We chose our top experts for these series, as we know there is no one know-it-all professional who can accurately give you this information.

If you want to watch the videos in full length, or get more information on each separate topic, you can find the articles and videos below.

Must-Have Aviation Maintenance Capabilities

TAT Talks episode covering things such as the plating shop, machining, and specialty services including shot peen, paint booth and the NADCAP certified NDT.

Click here to read the entire article.

Machining Plating and Grinding Services That Ensure a Consistent Turnaround Time, Every Time

TAT Talks episode that discusses expedited services & AOG, the SalesForce case tracking feature and talks about the dedicated CSR for each account.

Click here to read the entire article.

Five Up To Date Technologies That Increase The Longevity of Your Parts

TAT Talks episode that goes over the latest technology available in the aviation maintenance and repairs industry; it includes information on the no-mask plating fixture, HVOF, electroless nickel, flame spray and the FARO arm, as well as efforts and means to help reduce the impact on the environment.

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Done-for-you Engineering Support Solutions

TAT Talks episode that covers concessions, DER on staff and R&D repair processes, as well as in-house design capability.

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Aviation Maintenance Certifications: Can You Find Them All In One Vendor?

TAT Talks episode where you can learn all about quality certifications and why it is good to work with an aviation maintenance partner that has multiple certifications.

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What’s next?

The past months were filled with useful information on Machining Plating and Grinding (or MPG) services, giving you tips and tricks on how to find the best aviation maintenance provider for your needs. We hope you enjoyed this TAT Talks Summary which brings you all episodes in one place.

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