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HR Generalist

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Group HR Generalist
February 17, 2021
TAT Technologies
Netanya, Israel
TAT Technologies

All candidates interested in applying are required to send an application video and CV/Resume to our Recruitment Manager, Sarah Dial.

All submissions should be emailed to

Instructions below!

Instructions for Video Submission

Please submit an answer to the following four (4) questions in your video submission. Each answer should not exceed one (1) minute in length and please ensure answers are well thought out and provide specific examples.

All answers to Questions 1-3 should be submitted in English.

  • Question #1: Describe a time for which you were responsible for collecting data and presenting to a group.
  • Question #2: Provide an example of when you had to track a large amount of action items or to-do’s. How did you organize/prioritize your items?
  • Question #3: Tell us about a time in which you went above and beyond expectations. What was the outcome?

Answer to Question #4 should be submitted in Hebrew.

  • Question #4: Why should we select you for this position? Why do you want to join our team?

Note: Applications without video submissions will not be considered.

Duties & Responsibilities

HR Data Analytics:

  • Build, with the guidance of an external professional, a solid body and routines of HR data analytics, at the group level and at the companies level
  • Execute on going routines of HR data analysis, reports and relevant discussions derived from the data – with the global HR team, with the leadership team of the group and with the management teams of the companies
  • As a dual publicly traded company – collect data and provide relevant reports to relevant stakeholders

HR Generalist:

  • Oversee all group HR functions including US based operations for group level employees to include things such as individual needs, relocation coordination, travels, etc.
  • Tasks management of various projects and tasks as identified by HR EVP: Define AIs, build mechanisms for effective follow up, sync relevant stakeholders etc.
  • Manage various HR topics at the group level, such as: alignment on compliance topics as the companies; build and update group level procedures; create an alignment between the companies and the group level on various topics and processes

Executive Assistance:

  • Calendar management for the HR EVP
  • Ensure deadlines and action items are up to date and are addressed in real time
  • Assist with HR EVP priority needs

Office management (small office):

  • Office supply chain and vendor management, ensure use of office equipment is available to staff
  • Front desk management


Requirements & Qualifications

  • MA in Human Resources, Organizational Development or similar domains; will consider students near the end of their degree
  • 1+ year in an Administrative or HR role within an office environment
  • High proficiency with Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PPT)
  • Fluent in English; both verbal & written
  • Analytical and data-oriented abilities; must be able to review and decipher data from multiple platforms
  • Ability to multi-task and maintain high level of information in a change-rich environment



  • Active, dynamic, initiative, can-do approach
  • Task-oriented with strong operational skills
  • Goal-oriented mindset with ability to hit milestones with moving timelines
  • People-oriented; strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong desire for personal and professional development; seeks out learning opportunities; hungry to learn and grow in Human Resources related disciplines



Job ID
Group HR Generalist
Job Name
HR Generalist
TAT Company
TAT Technologies
Netanya Israel
TAT Technologies




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