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LTS’ first time with… A320 Heat Exchanger Core Replacement!


LTS’ first time with… A320 Heat Exchanger Core Replacement!

Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen finished the first A320 Heat Exchanger Core Replacement using its partner TAT Technologies’ core

Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen (LTS) has completed the first A320 heat exchanger overhaul and core replacement, using a core manufactured by its partner TAT Technologies (TAT), marking a new level of collaboration between these two companies. LTS will progressively extend its overhaul capability and capacity, utilizing TAT’s cores.

Earlier this year, LTS dispatched a team of engineers and welders for a training at TAT’s facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to ensure a smooth implementation of the core replacement capability. Benefiting from TAT’s experience of over 75 years in developing, manufacturing and repairing of heat exchangers, the LTS team successfully completed theoretical and hands-on training for the core replacement of B777 main heat exchanger and the entire A320 heat exchanger series.

During the training at TAT, the LTS team prepared and optimized the welding fixtures, performed the receiving inspection of TAT’s cores and completed welding repairs on various training units in the past months. As the result of those efforts, in early September the first core replacement of an A320 Condenser using a TAT core was a great success.

LTS received CAAC, FAA and EASA approvals for A350 and A320 heat exchanger repairs in 2021 and are now adding the repair capability for B737 by year end. Additionally, starting in Q1 2023, LTS adds A330- and in Q2 B777 repair capability.

LTS and TAT Technologies strive to provide the Asia-Pacific region with the highest quality, most cost effective, and expedient MRO service in the industry.