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Power & Actuation Commercial


TAT Technologies has been a strategic partner to leading players in the Aerospace industry for more than a decade, providing design, manufacturing and MRO solutions in the field of Power & Actuation for commercial and defense applications around the world. Our extensive array of OEM solutions includes development of fluid controls and accessories for defense and commercial platforms. Our MRO services consist of a wide range of capabilities for auxiliary power units (APU), landing gears and jet engines,

components repair, masking materials, coating, and specialized machining plating and grinding services (MPG).
Our services are customized, cost-effective and delivered within a short turnaround time. Some of the world’s leading OEMs, airlines, air forces, and defense organizations rely on us to ensure effective operation of their fleets and mission-critical systems.


  • Honeywell GTCP311 series APU

    Honeywell GTCP311 series APU

    Used on B757’s and B767’s. Piedmont’s largest APU Customer is FedEx.

  • Honeywell GTCP85 series APU

    Honeywell GTCP85 series APU

    Used on B737 “Classics”.

  • E-Jet E170/E190 Landing Gear

    E-Jet E170/E190 Landing Gear

    Piedmont is one of the global leaders in the repair and maintenance of these landing gears.

  • ATR 42/72 Landing Gear

    ATR 42/72 Landing Gear

  • Fan Blades

    Fan Blades

  • HPT Vane Airfoil Replacement

    HPT Vane Airfoil Replacement

  • HPT Vane

    HPT Vane

  • LPT Vanes

    LPT Vanes

  • Compressor Blades

    Compressor Blades

  • Compressor Vanes

    Compressor Vanes