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TAT Talks, episode 5: Aviation Maintenance Certifications, Can You Find Them All In One Partner?


TAT Talks, episode 5: Aviation Maintenance Certifications, Can You Find Them All In One Partner?

Are you looking for a specific aviation repairs and maintenance certification, or a combination of multiple aviation maintenance certifications?

Some companies require their aviation repair and maintenance vendor to have a series of certifications in order to work with them.

The alternative is to work with different vendors that each have a certain aviation maintenance certification. But this can easily become a bottleneck in your action plan…

At TAT Piedmont we went the extra mile in obtaining several, applicable aviation maintenance certifications to cover many aspects of various processes, to ensure that you can work with a single vendor compliant with any and all of your quality requirements. This helps make TAT Piedmont a one-stop source for your maintenance, repair, and overhaul needs.

Our quality expert James Dalton talks about these aviation maintenance certifications, why they are so important to a vendor, and what benefits they bring you, our customer.


“Some of the biggest reasons that TAT Piedmont stands out when it comes to quality and certifications is simply the way all of our qualifications work hand in hand together,” says James. “We are able to provide the whole array of anything that the customers require. It is also proof of our dedication and our professionalism and to our current quality systems to make sure that we are delivering the best quality product.”


This is one of the necessary qualifications for the FAA in order to be listed as an aviation maintenance repair and overhaul facility within the US. It helps to ensure that there is compliance to all regulations regarding any of the aircraft flights. Specific rules are very much in place and they can be very strict at times. This certification allows us to actually return parts, engines, landing gear and other items back to its original aircraft service or airworthiness level.


EASA is nothing more really than the European version of the FAA. By being certified in both EASA and FAA PART 154, TAT Piedmont is allowed to dual tag or dual certify parts, engines or landing gear after any maintenance, repair, or overhaul.


“In reality, a few companies have this aviation maintenance certification,” highlights James. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but it is proof to our professionalism in order to maintain the high standard quality systems and products.


NADCAP is recognized globally as being very specific in regards to processing and certifications. We have recently received certification for some of our special processes. We are also looking at expanding our NADCAP certification to include some of the other processes we have in house.

ITAR certification & PVA Audit

We are certified in ITAR, the International Traffic and Arms Regulations. This is something that is accepted internationally with foreign government, militaries.

We have a very high pass rate or success rate with the PVAs that are normally required.

PVA stands for Production Verification Audits, which is usually the final requirement once you’ve proven that your processes can produce the expected outcome. This also allows for another tighter level of safety and security for both the facility and your product within the facility.

The benefits of a dual aviation maintenance certification

A large number of MRO shops have either one or another aviation maintenance certification, but only a handful of them will offer you the peace of mind you are looking for: all quality certifications in one place.

“Many of our customers not only require but also appreciate the fact that we can offer dual aviation maintenance certifications thanks to our EASA and FAA certifications on file,” says James. “The aviation maintenance certifications we do have and currently maintain are proof of our professionalism and our high expectation for the highest quality and standards on the products and the processes that we produce.”

Working with TAT Piedmont means you can work with a single vendor instead of continuously switching between vendors depending on your certification requirements.

Obtaining these quality certifications is also proof of TAT Piedmont’s high-quality standards. It means that each quality process includes specific guidelines and benefits from robust quality systems. All these lead to a broad range and high quality of services to meet your specific needs.

Have a question regarding quality certifications?

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